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Creating San Diego and Southern California small business websites since 1998, we offer personal service and over 20 years website development experience along with more than 30 years in the world of small business sales and marketing to help you get more leads and convert more visitors.



We’ll craft an effective professional website that looks great on a wide range of devices, includes a carefully tailored strategy and a plan to get your small business real results online.



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If your business website is pretty (or pretty ugly), but ineffective, let’s face it, you’re wasting time, passing up opportunities for new clients and leaving money on the table.

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Brass Ring Helps You Grow Your Business

If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about launching a new website — or maybe you’ve already launched a website and aren’t getting results.

You’ve looked around and there are so many options. There are so many things to consider. So many choices to make…it can get pretty overwhelming.

You need a solution that works, that is simple, that takes into account your business, brings you better clients and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We understand your frustration and we’re here to help.

A very old proverb says that “only he that has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep.” When traveling in unfamiliar parts, it’s much less stress when you have a guide. With Brass Ring, you’re not just building a new website, you’re hiring an enthusiastic partner dedicated to your online success.

Yes, you need a great, modern website. But, you need to make sure that it is planned correctly from a marketing standpoint, and that it speaks directly to your ideal client. You also need a plan for what happens after your site is live. You need the world to find you, your ideal client to love you and you need to know how to keep your site relevant while it builds your brand and authority.

You might need to better understand how social media works for business, or how to use email marketing to grow your email list and stay in touch with clients. And wouldn’t it be great to have easy tools that keep you on track while spending less time on your marketing? I mean…you do have a life!.

A lot of do-it-yourselfers love us because the free tools they’ve tried cost them more in the long run plus we charge far less than most developers…and far too often they offer a lot less.  

Turn Your Website Into A Great 24/7 Sales Tool That Gets You More Customers

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1-on-1 Guidance & Help Towards Your Online Goals

Getting new clients ought to be your website’s goal. We know how to build websites that convert visitors. We’ve been building custom sites since 1998. We help you identify your audience, then craft a great site that is tailored specifically to attract and move your ideal client to act. Most websites simply fail to do this. AND, we show you what to do with your website so it’s a traffic magnet that brings in new business instead of simply filling up space on the internet.

“After D.I.Y., I’m your guy” – Edward A. Sanchez, founder



“I tried making my own websites and the results were not what I wanted. Brass Ring Multimedia took my content, elaborated and made an excellent site. With their SEO skills my site was on the first page of a Google search within a very short time.”     
     – David P., True Source Enterprises


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