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Serving San Diego and Southern California small business, we offer personal service and over 20 years website development experience along with more than 30 years in the world of small business to help you get more leads and convert more visitors.



We’ll build an effective professional website that looks great
on a wide range of devices,
includes a well-planned strategy
and a plan to get your small business real results online.


If your business website is pretty (or pretty ugly), but ineffective, let’s face it, you’re wasting time, passing up opportunities for new clients and leaving money on the table.

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The Brass Ring Difference for Small Business Websites Helps Grow Your Business

We don’t just build a website…we help you get more clients. We build websites to generate more leads than typical websites. We plan and execute a great, modern website to serve as an effective hub for your marketing. And because a hub needs spokes, we teach and help you to use great tools and resources to drive visitor traffic to your new site.

We ask a lot of important questions as we plan and build a website specially tailored to speak to your ideal client. We learn about your business, your products & services and your goals. We also learn about your industry and your competition. We set goals for the site and build in conversion strategies with strong calls to action to turn visitors into clients. 


Turn Your Website Into A Great 24/7 Sales Tool That Gets You More Customers

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Hear from our clients:

“…Brass Ring Multimedia will take great care of you and you will end up with an awesome state-of-the-art website! [They] did my website (djforwedding.com) and I have been getting excellent results from it!” Bill C., San Diego

“[Brass Ring Multimedia] created a very attractive, appealing, effective and relevant new website for us…we’ve seen member pride and satisfaction in “our” website increase, we’ve seen a large increase in traffic on the site…” – Ron J. , Pres., Rotary Club of La Jolla

“I’ve done business off and on with Brass Ring Multimedia since 2011. I’ve always found Edward Sanchez to be courteous, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. He’s also attentive and timely to your needs and questions.” Bond R., Lahaina, HI.

“I tried making my own websites and the results were not what I wanted. Brass Ring Multimedia took my content, elaborated and made an excellent site. With their SEO skills my site was on the first page of a Google search within a very short time.” – David P., True Source Enterprises

“The results have been most pleasing to me and beneficial to me and my customers. I immediately received numerous compliments from past customers on the new web page…While it was not my intent to increase my business through the development of a new web page, that has none the less been a result.” – Mitchell D., DeChiel Firearms

1-on-1 Guidance & Help Towards Your Online Goals

If you’ve experienced the frustration of purchasing a poorly planned website…if you’ve tried the do-it-yourself or free website route and discovered you’re not getting results. Or…maybe you’ve made the all-too-common mistake of believing “just a website” will bring you new business.

Getting new clients ought to be your website’s goal. We know how to build websites that convert visitors. We’ve been building custom sites since 1998. This is why we can help you identify your audience, then build a great site that we build to go after your ideal client.

AND, we show you what to do with your website so it’s a traffic magnet that brings in new business instead of simply filling up space on the internet.

“After D.I.Y., I’m your guy” – Edward A. Sanchez, founder



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