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Written by Edward A. Sanchez Brass Ring Multimedia IS YOUR BUSINESS LIKE CHARLIE’S LIFE…going downhill? Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. I’ve gotta tell you, I like the guy…always have…it’s tough not to on some level. He’s got chops, he’s definitely a talented guy and Two And A Half Men

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Gas Prices…will they continue to rise?

Brass Ring Multimedia: GasBuddy.com screen capture (image)

As a small business owner myself, my costs are extremely important to me as to my clients. The following site may be of use to you in keeping your costs in hand.  SanDiegoGasPrices.com (powered by GasBuddy.com) claims to be an independent watchdog site offering the ability to

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ALL 50 Corvette Business Cards

ALL 50 Corvette Business Cards

This has been a favorite project of mine. I enjoyed participating in Ray Ehly, Jr.’s roadtrip. He took museum delivery (at the Corvette Museum adjacent to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky) of a brand-new, top of the line Corvette Z06. He then drove it in

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