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How To Collaborate On Your Website

help-me-help-you-tv“Help ME help YOU!”

Remember that scene in the movie “Jerry McGuire?” Tom Cruise begs Cuba Gooding Jr. so they can create a win/win…together. That’s synergy and collaboration.

Custom design is collaboration

  • We can’t build YOUR custom website without you! Anything either of us can do to make that easier smooths the way for a more excellent result.
  • Brass Ring’s website packages are priced to be extremely great values. If you need additional help in any area, including organizing your materials and content, we can help, at modest cost.

The following are great ways to collaborate (and save money):

What's in a name? (Organize your files & emails)

What size images should you provide us?

Useful information to provide us.

Useful materials to provide us.

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