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All 50 Corvette Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia design: All 50 Corvette, The all-time great road trip! website Home Page (image)

This has been a favorite project of mine. I enjoyed participating in Ray Ehly, Jr.’s roadtrip. He took museum delivery (at the Corvette Museum adjacent to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky) of a brand-new, top of the line Corvette Z06. He then drove it in

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Sundiata Kata Productions Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia design: Sundiata Kata Productions home page (image)

Sundiata Kata Productions is the business incarnation of San Diego legend Mr. Sundiata Kata. Sundiata, music & performing arts director at the San Diego Center for Children, is a well-loved musician and educator who helps people through the healing power of music. My daughter and I met Sundiata

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Norma-Jean Strickland, Copywriter & Consultant Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia design: Norma-Jean Strickland, copywriter website (image)

Website design for copywriter & writing consultant Norma-Jean Strickland. Contemporary, yet retro and time-less design focus on antique typewriter keys and graphic featuring the word “idea” along with a background which shows words winding in an around each other. Norma-Jean (as am I) is a “purple fan,”

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Norma-Jean Strickland Voice-over Artist Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia design: Norma-Jean Strickland, voice-over artist website (image)

Web design for Norma-Jean Strickland, voice-over artist. “NJ” brought me a caricature drawn by artist Joe Schmidt, and wished it to feature prominently in her website design. Home page navigation features comic-book style “word bubbles” and a dynamic “burst” on the vintage microphone calls up a pop-window with voice

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Kid’s Writer Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia design: Norma-Jean Strickland, kid's writer website (unfinished, preview image)

Sadly, due to personal circumstances beyond our control, client forced to abandon this project before completion. I always liked where it was going so I’ve let you have a glance at it.

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“Ron J” Jones Website Design

Brass Ring Multimedia: "Ron J" Jones web design

One of the great things about being me is that I specialize in serving the community of La Jolla, California where I grew up.  As such, I get to work with my friends and neighbors. One such friend is Mr. “Ron J” Jones, popular and very active

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Treasure Vacations Website Design

The client wanted a “treasure” (obviously) themed web design so the navigation buttons are doubloons, there are all kinds of tropical and “piratical” imagery throughout. Fun site to design and build…had my mouth watering for travel. Logo design became part of, and a natural off-shoot of the

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Hewlett-Packard “Cash Faucet” Digital Image Creation Project

Brass Ring Multimedia design: "Cash Faucet" image created for Hewlett-Packard Consulting Division

A friend of mine who runs technology giant Hewlett-Packard‘s business IT solutions division approached me wanting to create an ad campaign which featured his idea of a “cash faucet.” He wanted me to help him convey as a metaphor the idea that his division could create cash

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