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Our Process – The Brass Ring Difference

The Brass Ring Difference is about creating a website and a practical marketing plan to help you get more customers.

We craft your website to be the right site, an effective, secure site and make sure you know how to manage your content to stay relevant and effective.


Getting To
Know You

We ask a lot of excellent questions so we understand you, your business, your goals, your ideal client, your industry and your competitors. We then tailor your website or blog to your specific needs and goals.

Tailor-made also means we help you create a workable plan…a reality-based plan you can do…to make sure your marketing is responsive and realistic.


It Has To Be

We collaborate to understand what makes your business special and unique. We identify your goals along with your ideal client, we craft intuitive navigation, layout and conversion strategies so your site effectively turns visitors into prospects and clients.

We consider what is successful in your industry, especially your competitors. We then build your website to have the look, feel and impact you need and want to serve and motivate your audience.


It Has To Be

We build in strong calls to action that create a great hub for your marketing to help funnel clients through your sales process. Your website will be a 24/7 sales professional that never sleeps, serving your clients needs and helping them easily find the information to convince them to hire you.

We also help you set up a workable plan to keep your website current, relevant, attractive and evolving.


It Has To Be

We build your website better by fortifying it with enhanced security features, automated back-up and protection against spammers.

Spammers, hackers and even Murphy’s Law are at work and your website is vulnerable if no one is looking out for you.


When It’s

When your styling looks great, your content is in place, your functions and features are up and running, we’ve helped you create a workable ongoing plan…when you’re ready, we take your site live! During our warranty period, we take care of updates and necessary maintenance so you can focus on using your business website.

And…with advanced SEO and analytics tools in place, you can watch your site’s actual performance so you can respond by adjusting your content as needed.


Training Makes
You Capable

1-on-1 website and marketing training means we show you how to properly manage your content so it does a great job for you…24/7, 365 days a year.

We teach you or your staff to use your brand new website and the online plan we’ve helped you develop to manage your content so your site evolves and remains relevant, useful and compelling.


Coaching Keeps
You On Track

We provide you with ongoing coaching you at no additional cost to make sure that you are truly able to use what you’ve learned.

Reinforcing your training helps you use WordPress as the powerful marketing tool it is.


We Toss You
The Keys

Our mission is to empower your marketing. Training & coaching ensures you’re capable & confident to manage your own content.

We’re invested in and care about your success…we’re here when you need us further.

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