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Is Your Generic Voicemail Losing You Business?

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Reaching a generic voice-mail greetings is one of my great frustrations (pet peeve?)…and I don’t leave messages, typically, if I can’t determine if I’ve gotten the right number. Why do so many people fail to program a simple greeting? I know we’re all concerned with security and privacy,

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Like Them or Not: 7 Web Design Trends Here to Stay

By Larry Alton As always, the world of Web design is moving quickly, and as always, it’s in your best interest to stay ahead of the curve. An increase in mobile technology usage, the emergence of VR systems, new features in common social apps and different user

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CUSTOM Branded Business Cards (Same Look/Feel As Your Website) – NEW!

Business Card Options 1000 Full-color 2-sided Business Cards (w/website) $95.00 USD1000 Full-color 2-sided Business Cards ( no website order) $115.00 USD BUSINESS CARD DESIGN So…Brass Ring Multimedia does business cards now?! (Actually, have for years.) The business card remains a powerful tool (especially so when used properly and

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Ray’s Barn Business Card Design

Rays Barn Business Card

Business cards designed for Ray’s Barn owner Ray Ehly, Jr. Ray’s barn provides recreational toy storage in the off-season in Perham, Minnesota.

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NEW SITE! True Flex Kneepads WordPress Website Design (example: $397 WordPress Special)

Brass Ring Multimedia: True Flex Safety Knee Pads WordPress Site Design, Home Page (image)

WordPress website design for True Source Enterprises, Inc., creators of True Flex Knee Pads. True Flex Knee Pads are the ultimate safety knee pad. They’re a great product serving welding, mining, construction, electrical, flooring, railroad, roofing, archaeological, agricultural and industrial safety workers with superior protection.    

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American Home Entertainment Banner

Brass Ring Multimedia - American Home Entertainment banner (image)

I’ve been providing WordPress website design and search engine optimization consulting services for American Home Entertainment (AHE), a Kearny Mesa, San Diego-based company specializing in custom design and installations for home theater, home automation, lighting control systems, security and surveillance systems. I’m helping them develop a WordPress-based website to

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