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CUSTOM Branded Business Cards (Same Look/Feel As Your Website) – NEW!

Business Card Options 1000 Full-color 2-sided Business Cards (w/website) $95.00 USD1000 Full-color 2-sided Business Cards ( no website order) $115.00 USD BUSINESS CARD DESIGN So…Brass Ring Multimedia does business cards now?! (Actually, have for years.) The business card remains a powerful tool (especially so when used properly and creatively) to make an impression, convey professionalism, drive traffic to our websites, serve as

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Ray’s Barn Business Card Design

Ray's Barn Business Card Design

Business cards designed for Ray’s Barn owner Ray Ehly, Jr. Ray’s barn provides recreational toy storage in the off-season in Perham, Minnesota.

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ALL 50 Corvette Business Cards

ALL 50 Corvette Business Cards

This has been a favorite project of mine. I enjoyed participating in Ray Ehly, Jr.’s roadtrip. He took museum delivery (at the Corvette Museum adjacent to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky) of a brand-new, top of the line Corvette Z06. He then drove it in ONE CONTINOUS loop to “ALL 50” United States. (Yes, Hawaii and Alaska too.)

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