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Brass Ring Multimedia Wins 2016
La Jolla Village News Readers Choice Award for Web Design

A great big THANK YOU! to the readers and nice folks at La Jolla Village News for Brass Ring Multimedia’s THIRD (2014, 2015 & 2016) Reader’s Choice Award for Best Web Design. I grew up in La Jolla, went to Muirlands & La Jolla High and my daughter

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Is Your Generic Voicemail Losing You Business?

Contact Brass Ring Multimedia: 858-228-6003, BrassRingMultimedia.com

Reaching a generic voice-mail greetings is one of my great frustrations (pet peeve?)…and I don’t leave messages, typically, if I can’t determine if I’ve gotten the right number. Why do so many people fail to program a simple greeting? I know we’re all concerned with security and privacy,

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The Important Tax Break Most Renters Miss

By Kelly Phillips Erb | March 7, 2016 Apartments used for business can also qualify for IRS deductions, but make sure you know the rules and exceptions. You can read the article HERE in its entirety on Trulia’s website Some perks of working from your Los Angeles,

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La Jolla Surf Legend Tom Lochtefeld Announces Wave Loch’s involvement in The Wave, Bristol (UK)

  One of the coolest project’s you’ll come across this year has just been announced. Brass Ring Multimedia WordPress client Wave Loch, who represent the “bleeding edge” of surfing wave technology have revealed their involvement in an exciting new project called “The Wave” in Bristol, UK. Surfers of the

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10 Camera Settings You Don’t Use (But Probably Should)

Our top ten list of often-overlooked DSLR options and why we think they’re worth a second look. This article originally appeared on the PhotoVenture.com website and you can read it HERE. It’s easy to fall into a pattern when you take pictures, favouring some subjects and overlooking

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Science Daily Article: Procrastination and impulsivity genetically linked: Exploring the genetics of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’

Procrastination and impulsivity are genetically linked, suggesting that the two traits stem from similar evolutionary origins, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The research indicates that the traits are related to our ability to successfully pursue and juggle

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New Fun and Rewarding Resources Pages on Brass Ring Multimedia Website

The internet is awesome…sometimes not so great, but it has some pretty amazing stuff on it. I’ve just activated a couple of pages in my Free Resources area. I like to offer things that have helped, inspired or made me say “woah,” in the spirit of helping

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Article: How to Have a Healthier and More Productive Home Office (by Nick, IncomeDiary)

Read Nick’s article on IncomeDiary.com here or read on… We’ve written in the past about some of most awesome company offices in the world. But is it possible that the ultimate office is right in your own home? Working from home can be a dream come true: convenience, comfort,

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Need Answers to Your Tech Questions? Ask “Dr. Dimension” on HOT MIX 106 (online radio)

HotMix106.com home page image

A while back, my buddy Steve Kramer, computer tech & laptop specialist, told me about his new radio show (not so new anymore…he’s been doing it for some time now). He’s on HotMix106.com (an online radio station offering a variety of content) and goes by the moniker “Dr. Dimension.” Steve features  useful news

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Steve Jobs – Core Values (video)

Steve Jobs

A great message from Apple’s Steve Jobs (rest in peace, Steve) reminding us what marketing is and/or can be. Watch.

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Wavecrest Woodies Show (2011), Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA. (images)

The most awesome gathering of “Woodies” and their owners in an incredibly apt setting…Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. Amazing! A gentleman showing a 1929 Ford “A” (images below) told me that if you’re lucky, a good Woody show has, maybe, 50 cars? Last year, Wavecrest had 319 entries…this

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WINNERS: Best of La Jolla 2010

THE READERS HAVE SPOKEN Thanks to those of you who voted for your favorite businesses, restaurants and people in the La Jolla Light’s 12th Best of Readers Poll. Our readers weren’t shy about voting for the best of the best in La Jolla. You’ll find some of the

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Edward And His Chucks Out In The World

Brass Ring Multimedia - Chuck Taylor All-Star Red White & Blue low-tops (on Edward's feet)

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes…I have a few. This started out as one picture of ONE pair of Chucks in a cool setting and it took on a life of its own. When I posted them on FaceBook, I was encouraged to show them to Converse. I

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