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Copywriting: Text Structure

It really pays off to think about the structure of your piece before you actually start writing. The structure is the skeleton of your text: it will help the reader grasp the main idea of your text. In this post, I will give practical tips to help

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Brick Marketing Article: Tips to Ensure that Content Marketing Gets Done

WordPress makes it easy to add great content to your website. Creating the content still needs doing, so here’s a great article and ideas from Brick Marketing…enjoy & implement! – Edward A. Sanchez, Brass Ring Multimedia You can read this article on the Brick Marketing Blog here.

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Article: Website Reading: It (Sometimes) Does Happen, by Jakob Nielsen

(If you’re already a client, we’ve probably already talked about this. People DON’T read everything we put on a website, which is why it is critically important that we present content in scannable form. This doesn’t mean we omit details, but it does mean that we need

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Article: How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Screwed the Online Writer (and What They Did to Fix It) by Demian Farnworth


Read article on Copyblogger Media website In many ways, this century has mostly been a dark time for online writers. Huh? You mean the Internet — the most significant publishing revolution since Gutenberg — hasn’t been good for writers?! Yes. And no. Here’s the thing, good content writers got

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Entrepeneur Podcast: Tips From a Marketing Rebel

John Carlton, Rebel Marketer

Click this link:   Tips From Marketing Rebel John Carlton to download and listen. John Carlton, marketing expert of Marketing Rebel will discuss how to record your sales pitch and turn it into an ad as well as how to avoid rip-off scamsters. Click here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/podcast/index.html for the same podcast

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Article: Measuring SEO Success via Google Analytics, by Jill Whalen

September 5, 2012 By Jill Whalen If you’ve been reading much of what I’ve written over the years, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of using search engine rankings as a measure of success for SEO. Thankfully, we have much better ways to measure SEO success today,

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Article: Optimizing your website for short attention spans: six tips, by Patricio Robles

(Link to original article HERE) Your company has invested a lot of time in building what you think is a great website. It’s not only pretty, it’s chock full of all the information about your products and services. Then reality sets in: attention spans are short and

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ARTICLE: Getting Ahead in Google: Dare to Be Different, By Jill Whalen

June 13, 2012 By Jill Whalen I recently did a site audit for a client who was wondering why they were having a hard time showing up in Google. When I read through the information they sent me and took a quick look at their website, it

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Article: Google Sucks All the Way to the Bank! By Jill Whalen (January 19, 2011)

Google Sucks All the Way to the Bank! January 19, 2011 By Jill Whalen Most of the time when I have a bit of a rant in the newsletter or elsewhere it’s because I’ve seen or heard things that bug me or are just plain wrong. Writing

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Article: Google Announces Semantic Search Update by Karon Thackston (copywriting/SEO guru)

On March 15, 2012, Google officially announced (via the Wall Street Journal), what hardcore SEOs have been expecting since at least 2008.  Google is introducing semantic search into its algorithm. What exactly is semantic search?  It’s a technology that lets the search engine “understand” what each search

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Article: 10 SEO Blog Post Publishing Steps that Most Bloggers Forget (By Nicholas Tart)

Written by Nicholas Tart I see this time and time again. As people get started with blogging, they think it’s as simple as clicking, “Add New Post,” typing up a few paragraphs, and clicking, “Publish.” Then they hopelessly wait for views, comments, and tweets. No one comes.

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